Gift Cards

Plastic gift cards are ubiquitous in the retail market space and account for an increasing number of sales.  

Gift card programs require four components:

  • Point of purchase system to work with a specific gift card program
  • Transaction processor (if system is not self contained)
  • Card design and manufacturing to program specs
  • Imaging & encoding – the personalization treatment necessary to link each gift card to a unique stored value account; this allows the card to later be activated and loaded with a dollar value at the retail site

Custom Gift Cards Manufacturers

Western is a full service plastic card provider. Our award winning creative service team is ready to help.  The portion of your plastic gift card program that we manage is the card design, printing, manufacturing and personalization but we can also answer questions and recommend solutions providers to handle the processing and stored value portion of your program.

Related products & services:

  • EnviroCardsSM - recycled plastic cards along with theDoing Our Part consumer recycling program
  • 1 week card printing
  • Custom gift card presentation, folders, envelopes or other branded products for your customers presentation.


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